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Information Winning in Solos! (Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2)

Title :  Winning in Solos! (Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2)
Lasting :   3.45.15
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Frames Winning in Solos! (Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2)

World of Warships [SOI] Many GEOs

Description Winning in Solos! (Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2)

Comments Winning in Solos! (Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2)

t r e m o r s
“We tried to reach out to the man who died in this pursuit...

He was unavailable for comment”

Comment from : t r e m o r s

Dylan Oneill
"you're literally sweating Ji-

"You need to stop talking."

Comment from : Dylan Oneill

Rob Bachmann
Hello weatherman. Welcome to the future
Comment from : Rob Bachmann

Kristina W
Oooh its affecting you!! 🤭🤭
Comment from : Kristina W

Sarah Rose
Hello back to the guy that said "hello internet"
Comment from : Sarah Rose

Salma Shebl
Welcome to another episode of: “Where the quarantine has lead me today”
Comment from : Salma Shebl

The gaming elk
Such a horrif crime
Comment from : The gaming elk

Big Brick productions
The man who died in a car crash was not able to comment ........ because he’s dead bro you seriously couldn’t get that
Comment from : Big Brick productions

Alex PlaysGames
Wickenburg is a total loss.
Comment from : Alex PlaysGames

Kitty Bucher
The last one is so painful to watch LOL I found myself saying out loud to my phone "Sir! SIR! THEY'RE WAITING FOR YOU, SIR!"
Comment from : Kitty Bucher

16:00 I think steel boils at this temperature so... Hahahahahahaha these are the types of people that really do need to be on live television

In another blooper I saw the other day, there was a reporter on location reporting on high oil prices, and during her segment two cars crashed right behind her, and the person in studio, deadpan, was like hm, must have been the high gas prices. Hahahahahaha

Comment from : rh88

Holly Dent
“Is there any hope for relief” “no, back to you”
Comment from : Holly Dent

Someone else
If you got peonies i love peonies. Oh you mean flowers haha!!
Comment from : Someone else

Ethan Silva
“I was originally in between her legs” The moment he realized what that sounded like, he instantly tried to change the subject
Comment from : Ethan Silva

The Fat Comrade
1:50. 13:28 18:54
Comment from : The Fat Comrade

CG7C games
Bruh they tried to contact a dead guy
Comment from : CG7C games

yeah cheers
The reporter's reaction to that sketch is brilliant
Comment from : yeah cheers

Anthony Morris
We all blame larry
Comment from : Anthony Morris

Christopher Osberg
6:27 Does that guy still work there? Holy crap... What was he thinking? I'd have committed seppuku on air if that had been me.
Comment from : Christopher Osberg

J Sowders
I think the Breaking News is Broken 😥
Comment from : J Sowders

Elizabeth Stack
It’s sad that these people where live 😂😂🤣😂
Comment from : Elizabeth Stack

Michelle Dela Rosa
0:40 Whahahahahaha
Comment from : Michelle Dela Rosa

(At 5:18) Now that is a beautiful Russian woman. :)
Comment from : M.VanFleet.84

Lukas Dear
Comment from : Lukas Dear

Alli Delbridge
“.................. okay... this is the guy, uh, he’s got, uh, he’s got a nose and some hair that goes like that...he was wearing a hat...he’s got kinda a... chin that comes down to a... almost a point....oh, and now I’m getting word that police actually caught this guy... thanks the the sketch no doubt”
Comment from : Alli Delbridge

@22:33 rigged?
Comment from : hydrus77

6:27 omg the cringe :X
Comment from : Birdy

Andy Stratter
I've got a bike you can ride it if you like.
Comment from : Andy Stratter

Pravin Schmidley
1:39 Well I’ll be damned
Comment from : Pravin Schmidley

This "grandmaster" using gimmicked bricks, such a fraud.
Comment from : RedfishCarolina

Domagoj Oreški
26:16 those news sure are breaking
Comment from : Domagoj Oreški

Classic Claire
You can jump me any time
Comment from : Classic Claire

Vignesh N
@7:00 69 degrees 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Vignesh N

Charlie is a sociopath.
Comment from : r385671

Wouldn’t you like to know weatherboy
Comment from : TITANID3

yeah i bet that anchorwoman is a gobbler (wink wink)
Comment from : matt

so what did the dead guy have to say? we need closure on that story
Comment from : matt

Emma Burgess Dean
My favs were the kid's response at 1:29 and the woman at 4:48 needs to have her own television show!
Comment from : Emma Burgess Dean

Robert McConnell
"Dah buildin is on fyah!"
Comment from : Robert McConnell

Jeff Brown
13:30. The moose story is more tragic than funny, imo.
Comment from : Jeff Brown

adam mcdonald
That guy with the water jet pack had me reduced to , tears streaming down my face, couldn’t breath, side hurting laughter. All I could think of was Charles Boyle, and how excited he was. HAHHAHAHAHA😂🤣😂🤣😭😂🤣🤣😭
Comment from : adam mcdonald

Jeff Brown
5:19. Is she that beautiful or is it her accent and language that I’m completely in luv with? 😊
Comment from : Jeff Brown

Blair Shuffler
i don’t wanna hear about your MARATHON
Comment from : Blair Shuffler

The guy suggesting a hotel room to pet the dog in is the ultimate cringe.
Comment from : Karen

Slappy McKracken
aw I feel sorry for this guy who is obviously new to being on the air and choked badly. 2:19
Comment from : Slappy McKracken

Wes McGee
What's the most important meal of the day? BREFUSS.
Comment from : Wes McGee

Irie Star
That last one was a fever dream

anchor addition

Comment from : Irie Star

Mike Rutecky
the one at around   16:00 had me lol so bad I cryed
Comment from : Mike Rutecky

Steve Davis
fuc ,, this is kinka funnie dough
Comment from : Steve Davis

Only half way through and this is the best bloopers I've seen . The news reporters with signs was great !
Comment from : ShaKonOHey

Comment from : EXCLAMATIONPOINTMAN!!!!!!!!!!

01010010101101010110101101010 Omega MainFrame
20:27 Grandmaster Bruce🥋breakee wood with glass
Comment from : 01010010101101010110101101010 Omega MainFrame

01010010101101010110101101010 Omega MainFrame
11:38 this criminal should be in #Hollywood
Comment from : 01010010101101010110101101010 Omega MainFrame

slow and slutty always wins the race - true that
Comment from : natalia

the effort some people put into suppressing their laughter is enjoyable and appreciated. They are more professional and fun then those who don't react to the jokes/pranks at all
Comment from : Skeptic

I am the 300th comment
Comment from : #GAMERZRULE #

Danielle call me. I lost your number.
Comment from : onenickelmiracle

Slow Koala
If you go through tough times, just remember that Mark has a little Wiener.
Comment from : Slow Koala

"We Tried To Reach To The Man Who Died On This Pursuit, Unfortunately They Were Unable To Leave A Comment"

Me: You Don't Say?

Comment from : Asta

Xtra Moist
That woman doing the one chip challenge is a woman you'd marry, not be ashamed of losing to. I'd fire that guy, obviously doesn't do well under pressure.
Comment from : Xtra Moist

John Macdowell
This dudes face at 3:43 has me straight dead🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭💀
Comment from : John Macdowell

Neziah Harris
Welcome to another episode of: “Where the quarantine has led me today”
Comment from : Neziah Harris

Brusied Turtle
Me at two am 2:12
Comment from : Brusied Turtle

joey boi
Dead guy has no comment -_- neither do i
Comment from : joey boi

"Lots of discipline goes into martial arts." And a healthy dose of fakery, apparently.
Comment from : InvestorGuy66

I gobble L O L
Comment from : Mqamar

Diego Benito
0:15 that's not a news blooper
Comment from : Diego Benito

Sergio Salazar
I've been there, moose. You're not alone
Comment from : Sergio Salazar

A dead guy was unavailable for comment. Well keep trying, maybe you'll get lucky. Poor thing...you know she won't live THAT one down for a while.
Comment from : InvestorGuy66

Tom T
The BBC one at the end...I had to keep checking that the video was still going...I thought my computer was freaking out. So funny.
Comment from : Tom T

AI Fangs
0:15 I had to really think about this one
Comment from : AI Fangs

10:59 “Please help”

If only TV was always this funny

Comment from : Saphira

Christina Lincoln
No. Back to you.
Comment from : Christina Lincoln

This is why I don’t want to be a news reporter.
Comment from : littlebear

Connor Langridge
Comment from : Connor Langridge

I would call that sketch the "Strawberry Man".
Comment from : B&O5300

lxl KHARMA lxl
Comment from : lxl KHARMA lxl

Sheldon Helms
Comment from : Sheldon Helms

Crystal Owens
Freudian slip there, yikes!


Comment from : Crystal Owens

Dannie P
4:47 "My friend came to the door, she said, while i was on the phone cookin' me and my baby some breakfast and she said "hey something wrong, its poppin ". I said " what ". She said "yeah" i said " NAH ". So the girl come downstairs, she come out of her apartment with her baby with no shoes on, and i said "oh girl its cold outside ". She said "somethin' aint right" I said " awww man " she said " AWWWW MAN the buildin is on fiyaaaaaa". i said "nah WHAT" i got my three keeds and we bounced OUT, UH UH we aint gonna be in no fire NOT ToDaYYYYYYYY "
Comment from : Dannie P

ur mom
"wouldn't you like to know,weather boy"
Comment from : ur mom

"We tried to reach out to the man who died, he was unavailable"
Comment from : iiBleedReality

Anonymous one
The sketch looks like it was drawn by Charels Schulz! He looks like a Peanuts character!🤣
Comment from : Anonymous one

Max Allen
“Still more interesting than channel 7”
Comment from : Max Allen

Jon Crowe
His expression at 3:43
Comment from : Jon Crowe

Rachel Tiffany
News so breaking it broke the newscaster
Comment from : Rachel Tiffany

3:54 kid omg
Comment from : Sandra

1:00 holy awkward
Comment from : Sandra

How do I get the job of the guy who goes woah
Comment from : Peter

Sarah Lee
The guy that was dead couldn't be reached for comment? Nooooo wayyyyyy🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Sarah Lee

Angelica Eliza
7:10 my grandma has that exact same Banana plushie. His name is Rocco
Comment from : Angelica Eliza

Angelica Eliza
3:04 uhhhh
Comment from : Angelica Eliza

That one babe who was trying to get hold of that dead guy but couldnt... Sounds exactly like something Biden would say.
Comment from : NO BS

Rigby Blanche
The prices was like 2 for 69 killed me
Comment from : Rigby Blanche

Kenna Bee
The pepper guy KILLS me
Comment from : Kenna Bee

"wouldn't you like to know, weather boy!" ha ha gold
Comment from : Watteau66

D Springer
Always loved the one chip challenge and how she keeps taunting him, she is pretty fine too
Comment from : D Springer

"He's got kind of a chin that comes down to...comes down to...almost a point..."


Comment from : HousewifeUntilHeaven

Ian Mayes
Can I get a Hororf? Hororf, hororf hororf..
Comment from : Ian Mayes

chloe mcqueen
I thought nothing can make me cringe this much.
Comment from : chloe mcqueen

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